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The Guru Girls Declassified School Survival Guide

Cassandra Sankaran & Lillian Galstanian
Former Students & Staff Writers

Article originally published December 2011

Is your social life nearly non- existent? Is the stress of completing deadlines over-bearing? There is no need for a theatrical meltdown! Just follow the guru girls personal tips, and you will be able to say “mission accomplished!” Read the rest of this entry


I Pledge To Read The Printed Word

Alannah Evans
Former Student & Staff Writer
Article originally published December 2011

Over the past decade, technology has advanced faster than the blink of an eye. It seems like every day, companies are inventing new technology that could potentially make our lives easier. Technology seems to be replacing everything that is considered “old fashioned,” including simple paperback or hardcover books. Ever since e-readers have come on the market, book sales – especially in used books stores – have plummeted, forcing many book stores that have been around for years out of business. Read the rest of this entry

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