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Kudos, Ben!

Recently, our very own Ben Smith was featured in the Stouffville Sun-Tribune. Check out the article below!



Arts Council: Big, Bright, and New

Through the heavy textbooks, papers upon papers of worksheets, and study notes for upcoming tests, Arts Council provides us a sort of break from the burden of school assignments and responsibilities, by introducing events such as Arts Night and Art Attack. They help us get excited for upcoming celebrations and the holidays, such as Christmas, Valentines and who could forget this year’s Halloween bash?

In order to plan our schedules, and mark our calendars for future Arts Council events, I interviewed Julia Pazzano, head of Arts Council, to see what they have in store for us this upcoming year.

What can we look forward to this year from Arts Council?

We have a lot of really great events this year, some of them you might recognize from previous years and some will be brand new. SBA Christmas is right around the corner and we are looking forward to helping POWERSOURCE with their decor. There has been a lot of planning going on in Arts Council and, even though it’s still months away, we are already discussing themes and decorations for Arts Night. We are also bringing back Art Attack, so watch out for a full week of art activities during second semester.

How Is this year going to be different from last year?

It’s going to be difficult to compete with the incredible year that we had last year, but there are definitely some new things on the way. Arts Council is really trying to incorporate all of the different types of art, including photography, music, drama, and videography. It’s our job as a council to promote the arts at SBA and we want people to realize that art can be seen in many different things, not just drawing or painting. More specifically we want to cooperate with the communications technology classes and any students who are interested in film, directing, editing, or acting. We are bringing back the SBA Film Festival in a new and different way and hopefully it will help students to realize that there are other art mediums besides visual arts.

What a year to look forward to!

Cardinals Win Gold at OFSAA


The Senior Boys Hockey team have had a long journey to OFSAA; a journey that had brought on nothing but success and triumph. Coached by Mr. Titanic, Mr. Turner and Mr Mihaljevic, the boys played their championship game in St. Catharines against Abbey Park and won gold on March 12.


Taking a look back in history, one can see how working together as a team, and the leadership from our dedicated coaches has proven SBA to be unstoppable. This has been the fourth time the Sr. Boys Hockey team won the championship title at OFSAA. It was a tough game as both teams came out strong and within the third period Cory Vigneux scored the first goal. Abbey Park scored the equalizer minutes later.


The Cardinals sustained pressure throughout overtime and appeared to be the hungrier team; their sights set on taking home the title of OFSAA Champs. The game eventually went to a shootout where goalie Emilio Gallenero proved to be the hero. After Abbey Park’s final shot, the goal was saved and the Cardinal fans went wild knowing the boys won. SBA clearly has super dedicated fans as students boarded a spirit bus from SBA all the way to the Seymour-Hannah Sports Centre. A big thank you goes out to the amazing coaches and supportive parents, administrators, friends, and fellow students. The boys are now able to return to SBA knowing they are the best of the best in all of Ontario!

SBA Senior Boys Hockey Team in Finals

Congratulations to the Senior Boys Hockey team who elimated Crothers in a best two out of three series to advance to the York Region Senior Boys Hockey final.  This reporter attend the third game, which was a fast skating, end to end affair.  Our boys played the typical SBA brand of  hockey exemplied by hard skating and quick passing. 

SBA 1- Crothers 0

SBA 1- Crothers 0

The Cardinals play the Sacred Heart Crusaders in the final that starts on Tuesday Feb 24 in Newmarket.  The second game will be at Mount Joy at 1pm on Thursday Feb 26.  Naturally there will be a buy-out and we hope to fill the rink with energy, music and cheers to support our team.

There is a rumour circulating that SBA Principal Zaroski and Sacred Heart Principal Smith are negotiating a “gentleman’s wager” on this series.   As soon as our investigative reporter can find out information about this bet, we will inform the readers of the Orator!

Good Luck to Coaches Turner and Titanic as they work hard with the team to return to OFSSA!

Go Cardinals!

Pre-Playoff Game

boys basketball2

On Friday January 16, the senior boys basketball team played against St. Augustine. The boys brought their game to the court as they fought hard throughout this crucial game. It was the last game before entering the playoffs and the boys were determined to give it their all. Before the game, the S.B.A Orator had the chance to talk to some of the players to hear what they had to say.

Regarding how he felt going into the game, Jordan Davis said, “It will definitely be a challenge but we are just going to go out there and do our thing.” Each of the players have their own special talent and pre-game rituals, Adrian Sivaraj, said, “I like doing my right foot up first and I double knot my right foot but I single knot my left.” This is certainly an interesting ritual, but whatever works for him works for the team. All in all, the boys have had a steady season with a three and three record.

boys basketball3

Entering the game, the boys started off strong, going after every move and fighting for the ball. The first half of the game was a nail biter, as the S.B.A Cardinals and St. Augustine Titans were neck and neck. The boys stole the ball with every chance they got, moving up on the scoreboard, and held the lead 19-14 going into the third quarter. Before the game, Adrian said, “We’re both fairly equal teams, but whoever plays the best defense will win.” Although the boys lost the game, they definitely tried their best and demonstrated good sportsmanship. They had a strong defense team in the first and second quarter, and in the playoffs we know they will defend to the end.

Coach, Mr. Moore said, “They have to play the way they play in practice,” and with several practices, before the playoffs, the boys will be better than ever. Mr. Moore has been coaching the team for about five years now and he never fails to support the boys. On going into the playoffs, he explained, “This is a critical game for all of them. It’s quite an emotional game that is significant in their lives. There is a lot happening, which is the reason why I enjoy it.” No matter win or lose, the Cardinals play the game with their hearts and simply for their love of this sport. This is especially true for our graduating students; for some of them, it will be their last year playing.

boys basketball1

The boys proved that this was an important game for them by putting in their best efforts. They didn’t give up, pushing right to the end when player number 23, Jordan Anderson, ended the game with a three point buzzer shot. Way to go Jordan! What a great way to end the game. He left the game with a spark of energy that will linger into the playoffs. We are proud of their hard work and determination and we hope they can bring back the same energy for the playoffs. Good luck to the boys as the playoffs are quickly approaching. Let’s show off our S.B.A pride and support them all the way to the finals! Go Cardinals go!

SBA Ordinary or Extraordinary???

Ordinary or Extraordinary? …….To call student life at SBA ordinary, in this administrator’s opinion, would be a lie. Along with the many fantastic activities planned for students everyday by their classroom teachers, you will find as many equally amazing opportunities planned for the student body and community by the members of SBA’s 8 dedicated and hard working councils that make up SBA’s student government.

Since the beginning of the school year, these 8 amazing councils which include Student Council, Athletic Council, Arts Council, Luke 4:18, P.O.W.E.R. Source, OSAID, Faith Development Council and ESP have helped to organize and run, with the help of SBA’s administration, teaching staff and Parish, a number of activities intended to educate, support and engage the SBA community.

These activities include:

The “Welcome to SBA” grade 9 in-school orientation day.
The grade 9 Muskoka Woods 3 day team building trip.
School Masses
Confessions, at school, for staff and students.
Student Card picture taking and distribution day.

A “Friday Night Lights” football game

Presentations for student from the Grade 8 feeder schools
Presentations for the Grade 8 parent information night
Multicultural week
Anti-bullying week
Thanksgiving food drive

Basketball buy-out for the Rick Maloney Basketball Tournament
Semi-formal at LeParc
Delivering a Student Government reports at all Catholic School Council and Academic Council meetings
Drug and Alcohol Awareness (DAW) week presentation and in school student activities
Operation Christmas Child
SBA’s 5 days before Christmas in school activities and ……
SBA Christmas for families of the Markham community.

So…….Ordinary or Extraordinary?  What is the term used to describe student life at SBA? Talk to any one of our 1462 students and I would be surprised to hear the term ordinary used to describe any of the activities that happen at SBA.  Join us at SBA Christmas and Judge for yourself?


Mr. A. Belille

The Basketball Buy-Out

buyoutcardinalphoto 3

The annual Rick Maloney Basketball tournament marks the beginning of another senior boys basketball season at SBA.  This weekend tournament started at 1:30 today with Father Michael McGiveny Magic taking on our Cardinals.   Mr. Moore opened this event by explaining about the Rick Maloney tournament and that the funds collected would go towards the scholarship that is awarded to a graduating student each spring who participated in school sport and is a leader.  He then said a prayer and three girls from our vocal program sang O’Canada.  Mr Garel, our announcer, then got the crowd going with team introductions.

buyouttheshotphoto 1

The gym was packed with approximately 500 students in attendance.  Our school band, numbering over 80 musicians sat at the east end of the court.  Also present, were a handful of parents from FMM and SBA who came to support their respective teams.

buyoutfansphoto 1

As the Cardinal roamed the gym, the fans were extremely noisy, cheering at each basket and missed shot.   This year each spectator was given a set of inflatable clapping sticks which added to the volume and excitement in the gym.

buyoutdefencephoto 2

The first half was a close affair; however, FMM was leading by 10 at the half.  After an energetic half time show by the band which included dancing by Jordan, the teams were back at it.  Although our Cardinals gave it their all, the final score was 67-42 for the Magic.  An unfortuntate start for our Cardinals, but an exciting period four for those lucky students who attended this buy-out.

buyoutthebandphoto 2

The tournament continues tonight and all day on Saturday.  Other participating teams include: Bur Oak, Middlefield, Markville, St. Theresa, St Jean de Brebeuf and St Augustine.

Listen to the morning announcements on Monday to find out how our team did in this tournament.

Native Aboriginal Culture at SBA!

November 12th marked the yearly return of the native and dance program for the grade 10 religion students. Recently there has been some changes in the scheduling for this event, however it returned with a bang. Not only was it an interesting for the students, but they managed to learn something from the event. The event began with an introduction from one of the lead drummers who described the overall positive affect that the Native Aboriginal culture has on our society, as well as the meaning behind some of the instruments and dresses that were brought along. One thing is for sure, the students were drawn to the clothes that were worn. Either during rituals or dancing purposes, they were astonishing. One male dancer was covered with a multitude of different variety of colors. From green to lime or orange to blue, you name it and it was worn as a thread, feather or design. A female dancer was covered in all white, as traditional clothing and one was covered in patterns of pink, blue, violet, and indigo. Despite their different clothes, they each have their own dance they portray to the beat.

The bright clothed dancer was constantly jumping, running, doing flips and moving quickly. One female dancer was simply turning left and right while bending her and stretching her knees in a slow movement. And the last dancer was dancing in a moderate speed while crossing her legs, hopping and using her bird feather fan to the beat. Each of these colors and their dance moves symbolises the spirit that they are conveying and their own personal self with the items attached to their clothing. Due to this, one student asked “Why do you hold a bird fan?” in which the head dancer explains with a story.

One day a bird sees many humans dancing and wants to join in, however being of its sharp claws it in unable to do the flips and fast turns that humans are able to do. The bird then gives some of its feathers to the humans so that when they dance, the bird is with them, following their footsteps. The First Nations people value their bird fans as it would be seen as disrespectful if a stranger was to touch it.

Overall this was a positive experience to all the grade 10 religion students here at Saint Brother Andre CHS. This event showed students the beauty of the native aboriginal culture and how it might have grown much stronger without their past with assimilation. This is truly one of the events that will really make us think about the beauty of each culture.

Lest we Forget: How we Remember


Once a year, Canadians  get together on a very special day to commemorate fallen soldiers and those who are continuing to fight for our country every single day. Remembrance Day, which began in 1919, will forever be a day when Canadians show national pride and patriotism.

Many ceremonies occurred not only November 11th, but over the weekend to show respect to the soldiers celebrated on this prosperous day. Students from the Saint Brother Andre community had the privilege to go to one of Markham’s ceremonies this past Saturday November 8th at the cenotaph outside the Markham Village Community Center. Accompanied by their school history teacher Mr. Swan, students Lourdes, Gianni, Angela, and I had the chance to be a part of the ceremony and lie a wreath with our school name inscribed on a ribbon. As one of the few high schools at the ceremony, it was refreshing to see that the kids were so eager to be involved in such a service. Not one person who attended the ceremony left without a poppy.


Fast forward to November 11th, Saint Brother Andre CHS and the rest of Canada participated in a moment of silence during a school-wide assembly.  The students even had the opportunity to listen to a veteran, Captain McFarland, address them about the armed forces and all of the brave Canadians that assisted in bringing about peace since the Boer war. The gymnasium rose for the singing of the national anthem followed by the prayer that not only honored valiant Canadians from the past, but recent heroic Canadians like Corporal Nathan Cirillo who died after being shot on Parliament Hill. It is courageous Canadians like Nathan, which our nation needs to display gratitude towards.


Thank you to everyone who made this assembly a possibility and to the students who care immensely about acknowledging the strong veterans of our country. This is what Remembrance Day is all about. Remembrance Day is not just about wearing a poppy, but about coming together as a nation to celebrate those who fought for Canada’s freedom. A ceremony which originally memorialized D-Day is now been a day to thank Canadians who continue to bring peace and prosperity to our home and native land.

Behind the Scenes with the Arts Council

This past week, the Arts Council put on a successful haunted house filled with scary decor and creepy monsters. This year’s psycho circus was a success! The school was decked out with full on decorations to maximize the student body’s halloween experience.

What the student body may not know is how much hard work and time is put into creating all of these decorations. Halloween isn’t the only holiday the Arts Council decorates for. They do Christmas and Valentines as well as decorating for their annual event, Arts Night. So how much time does it take to get all this done? For Halloween, the council started right away. Executive members met once a week to discuss ideas before presenting them to the council which met three times a week after school. Talk about dedication! When asked what the biggest obstacle the council faced, president, Nick Duarte stated, “finding the line between practical and creative sometimes. Our ideas were great, but we were blinded by ambition, this resulted in some unfinished products. It was also a long journey from when we started and it was all about keeping up the energy and excitement.”

This council works so hard to ensure full holiday spirit throughout the school and they have definite skills in the paper mâché department. They made an acrobat hanging from the balcony, two giant skulls, and a scary gargoyle. They made it evident that our school is haunted with signs that said “turn back now” and “keep out”. The art hall was turned into Wednesday Addams’ room with beheaded dolls and the back of the school transformed into a garden featuring a very life-like Venus fly trap. This year’s halloween festivities turned out amazing and a big thanks goes out to all Arts Council members for making this year a success once again!

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