An Experience of a Lifetime in Peru!

Our very excited staff and students departed for their adventures in Peru on Boxing Day. As an extension to the Global Indigenous Studies course that students have been taking through night school, the focus of this trip is service. Our staff and students have been engaging with local communities, bringing food and clothing donations. To date, they have planted 90 neem trees – and counting. They are very popular in Piura, Peru. The leaves can be used to treat burns and cuts, and the leaves can even be used to make teas to help treat several ailments. The group walked through a little village called Altos and planted one in front of several people’s homes. The SBA group met some students in at a local library and gave out mangoes and clothing donations. Never have you seen a happier group of students, who then after ran out into the street a few moments later to show their parents what the got!

Students did some Micro credit loan visits. They jumped into motos to go purchase firewood and corn in the village and then personally traveled to the homes of families that students were directly sponsoring to deliver the goods. Students also got to meet and interact with post-secondary students they are sponsoring and donating money to in order to help them complete their post secondary studies. Toothbrush and toothpaste donations given to the kids in Altos brought many smiles and laughs.

There is no question that our students will return from their travels having been transformed by this experience. Much gratitude is expressed to Ms. Orsi, the lead teacher and course instructor, for organizing this spectacular excursion. Many thanks are also expressed to Ms. Smyth and Ms. Raponi, our own SBA teachers,  and Mr. Crocco (Superintendent) and Ms. Marinaro from the York Catholic District School Board, for accompanying our students on a trip of a lifetime.

 Many thanks to the staff for sharing these wonderful photos!


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