OSSLT on October 20, 2016

On October 20, 2016, Grade 10 students will write an online trial version of the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test.  This test will be written by students who are in grade 10 (First Time Eligible), and those grade 11 students whoeqao-online were not successful in March 2016 (Previously Eligible). Students who pass the online test on this date will not need to re-write the regularly scheduled test in March.  Those students who do not pass the test will have an opportunity to write the test either online or on paper in March. For those students entitled to accommodations per their IEPs, letters will be mailed home with details regarding the arrangements that have been made for students.  

We will have a modified school day on October 20th.

We are confident that our students will be well prepared.  All students have already received or will receive in-class instruction to familiarize them with the test components.  We will also conduct a practise booklet and login session with students on October 12th as well as hold an assembly for all students writing where we will to outline strategies and guidelines.

We strongly encourage our students taking this trail version to work through the practise booklets on this link by clicking on “English, Session One and Two”:            https://ontariotest.com/Practice/EQAOen

The following link explains how to navigate on this digital version of the test:  http://www.eqao.com/en/assessments/OSSLT/Pages/navigation-tools.aspx
Thank you for your cooperation as we undertake this digital trial version of the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test.


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