SBA Student Leaders Map Out a Great Year Ahead!


What a powerful way to set SBA up for a great year ahead!  On August 31st, SBA’s own Ben Smith, Board Trustee, joined in on audio conference.  Student Government President Carson Bury met with Principal Pivato to review a number of Carson’s proposed improvements to the school including additional bike racks which have now been installed.  Mr. Pivato said, “Carson has his eye on how to make student life better in all ways.  I intend to support many of his ideas because they reflect the wishes of students and will result in a positive school experience coupled with stronger social bonds.  We are constantly looking at how we can use our school funds to leverage healthy, safe, social, technological, learning environments so that our students can grow and succeed in school and in life as much as possible.  They are Catholic leaders first and foremost and have demonstrated this in their actions on a constant basis.”

eugene and carsen

A number of projects were either completed or initiated this summer:  our WiFi system was fully upgraded and expanded upon, mirrors and stall hangers have been ordered for all of the washrooms, circular picnic benches were installed, basketball shot clocks were installed, banks of lockers were painted, an industrial dishwasher was put into our student bakery, replacement parking signs were ordered, the cafeteria dividing wall was repaired, and 25 new chrome books and a cart were delivered.

Every school has its strengths and at SBA, one of them is undeniably the incredible leadership of its student body. Go Cardinals!


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