Welcome Ms. Cosentino, VP


St. Brother Andre welcomes two new Vice-Principals to our school in September:  Ms. Cosentino and Mr. Scenna.  Mr. Scenna has been a teacher at SBA for many years and his transition from teacher to vice-principal is to be very smooth given his familiarity with our staff and the wonderful response of this news from our students.  What follows is a personal letter from Ms. Cosentino to our SBA Community:

I am thrilled to be joining the St. Brother Andre school community this September. This will be my second placement as a Vice Principal and look forward to the opportunity to meet new people and to see first-hand all of the wonderful things I have seen and heard about this school. I am also excited to be working with Mr. Pivato once again.

Since I began my career in Education in 2003, I have held a number of positions: a grade 8 teacher, a teacher of Canadian and World Studies and Religion, a Literacy Program Resource Teacher and Vice Principal. I also serve as a member of the YCDSB First Nations, Metis and Inuit Steering Committee and Special Education Steering Committee. I have learned and grown a lot. All of my experiences have allowed me to make meaningful contributions to the various communities in which I served and I look forward to doing the same at St. Brother Andre. I have an especially keen interest in the integration of technology into all aspects of schooling and am looking to learning more from the vast amounts of talent on staff and among the students.

I wish Ms. Barker and Bellile the very best as they prepare to move on to their new schools, and I look forward to working with Mr. Merrin and Mr. Scenna.

I hope this summer brings you rest and rejuvenation. I feel blessed with the opportunity to begin a new phase of my professional journey with this community and look forward to meeting you!

Many blessings,

Mrs. Cosentino


About mrpivato

Principal of St. Brother André Catholic High School

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