BandAid Raises Money and Showcases Student Talent

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On Thursday, April 7, SBA’s annual fundraiser for Ayni, BandAid, showcased our students’ awesome talents, and raised much needed funds for a great cause.

BandAid was brought to you by Luke 4:18 in order to support Ayni, a charity founded by one of our teachers, Ms. Orsi.  This is what Ms. Orsi had to say about the night:

“With the funds raised, we will be able to buy school supplies for 450 students at elementary, high school, and post secondary level, and we will be able to cover the associated high school fees for 100 high school kids, and still have about $1200 left to put towards our post secondary scholarships students.
This has and continues to make the biggest change in the community in Peru because, for the first time, we are seeing students actually graduate high school and become professionals from pursuing post secondary education.  This is new for the people in the village.  Instead of getting pregnant at 14, girls are now in their 20’s, working in a career and earning their own money, which means they also have more rights!
This phenomenon is taking place in this one small village because of our support which SBA has been a part of for 15 years.
This is no small feat!  Back in 2001, 95% of the kids stopped schooling at grade 6….. now 95% actually go on to high school, so we have come a long way.”
Thank you to all of the talented artists who participated in BandAid, as well as everyone who came out to support such an important cause!



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