One Act Plays a Spotlight on Talent

Have you ever been to a high school performance where the talent was so exceptional that you wanted to tell the whole world about it?  At SBA, on January 13th and 14th, Ms. Elliot’s grade 12 Drama class triumphed with incredible performances in all three plays.  Student actors and actresses carefully selected three smart, funny, and emotional scripts:  13 Ways, DNA, and Bitter Girl.  In all three plays, students demonstrated outstanding teamwork, confidence, and convincing character portrayals.  Thirteen Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview gave a hilarious account of 13 odd characters who presented crazy interviews.  No matter how badly the interviewers wanted to increase their admissions, they just couldn’t let this wild and wacky crew in.  DNA was a gripping account of bullying that drew out a sequence of events that so often occurs in real life situations but in this case, with the most dire of consequences.  Finally, Bitter Girls gave a profoundly deep insight into the emotional and mental experiences of women deserted by their partner.  Fast paced and witty but with a beautiful and touching portrait of being human.  The program notes accurately read, “…thanks to the tenacious spirit of our talented students, the support of Ms. Elliott, and the patience of our family and friends, we pulled through and came out strong.”


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