Time to Spread the Christmas Cheer: SBA Band Feeder School Tours

The smell of pine and gingerbread is in the air. Santa Clauses make their appearance in your nearest mall. Red noses, antlers, elf hats, and Santa hats are an annual fashion trend. And who could forget the timely tunes that play during the ‘Most Wonderful Time of the Year?’ Well, St. Brother Andre’s Concert Band is spreading the festive mood this season through its Christmassy set list.

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It’s been a tradition here at SBA, where the concert band ventures off into feeder schools such as St. Joseph, St. Mark, St. Julia, and St. Lorenzo Elementary to spread this Christmas cheer.  The band has been rehearsing since November in order to perfect their pieces. Their set list includes classics such as Angels We have Heard on High, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas, as well as modern pop songs such as Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, and Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars.  All concert pieces were directed by the cheerful Mr. Janetta. The choir teamed up with the concert band, and performed their independent set list of We Need a Little Christmas, and The First Noel. Stepping into the place of Miss Barcena as the choir director is the talented Miss Di Nardo.

Band members were dressed in festive reds, and Christmas hats and sweaters in order to emphasize the coming of Christmas. On Thursday, December 10th, they performed at their first two schools: St Joseph and St. Lorenzo. The band and the choir did a fantastic job, and the children thought so too. Applause and big smiles were radiating across the room. Jokes and puns were told through this year’s MC, as in the past, they were as cheesy as ever. Even SBA’s mascot,Casey the Cardinal, and Santa Claus made an appearance at all schools, which served to excite the children even more.

After performing at St. Joseph, the students went to Markville Mall to have lunch. Since they were dressed in their festive gear, some shoppers were staring and smiling at the spread of Christmas joy.

On Friday, December 11th, the last day of the feeder school tours, the band and choir gave their all in their last performance. While the grade tens got their first taste of their feeder school tours, the grade twelves finished the end of the tours in bittersweet emotion.

Erika, an SBA band senior, comments how sad it was that this was her last feeder school tour. “I think it’s because we worked so hard. It’s like all of our hard work has finally paid off. We (the grade twelves) have worked together as a team, and we all have this connection.”

Mary, another SBA band senior who also dressed up as an elf for this year’s tours says that “We are all family. You never see such a diverse set of people getting along; it’s only in the band.”

Finally, the SBA concert band and the choir performed their last set on Wednesday 16th at SBA’s annual Christmas Concert. They were all dressed in seasonal reds, and the brightest of smiles. The band was able to spread the Christmas cheer once again in the heart of Markham.


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