Grade 10 Religion Retreat

This year, our grade ten religion classes went to St. Patrick’s Church on November 13, 25, and the 30th for their annual religion retreat. Every first semester grade ten religion class participated and the trip was coordinated by Mr. Moore.

The grade tens walked from St. Brother Andre to St. Patrick’s, and then were treated to a presentation about sponsoring children in third world countries, led by Deacon Roy from Chalice Canada. Afterwards, Father Neimen had a mass revolving around the same topic. The grade tens were treated to lunch and a game of tag football, before ending their day with a presentation about the teenage mind.

When asked why this trip was important for grade tens, Mr. Moore said “The course is called Christ and Culture and the culture of the world needs to embrace Jesus’ message of salvation for all.”

Grade ten student Alyssa Wensing said “The walk brought us closer together, and the whole experience was incredible. It exceeded my expectations.”

We would like to thank Mr. Moore and the religion staff for their hard work at putting this trip together.



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