The Future Awaits for St. Brother Andre

It’s out with the old, and in with the new. The year is 2015, and here at St.Brother Andre, there is an energetic buzz in the air. The grade nines have just started their first semester, and the seniors are starting to fulfill their university/college application requirements. In addition, clubs and councils have opened their doors to recruit new members, and there has been talk of what is going on this year.

I interviewed Head of Student Government, Apollonia Mastrogiacomo about what’s going to happen this upcoming year.

What can we look forward to this year? Is there anything new coming out in terms of student government?

“This year is going to be an extremely exciting year for SBA’s student government. We are definitely continuing last year’s student government initiative, Spirit Wear Wednesday as well as bringing many brand new things to SBA. Our ‘Color War’ on September 24th kicked off the official Student Government year! We are also hosting karaoke in the cafeteria on all three lunches, once a month which began on October 2nd. As promised the ‘ALL council wide social’ as well as SBA varsity jackets are well on their way. There is so much more yet to be announced coming for our students this year; it’ll be one of many firsts!”

What do you hope to accomplish this year?

“This year I hope to accomplish all the things I promised in my speech, which are in production as I previously listed. Beyond this I hope to continue to bring the SBA community together, demolishing the division between our grades. My personal goal, as well as that of our entire Student Government, is to brighten the days of our students just a little bit more. We wish to make school something more than just ‘school’.”

Any advice you want to give out to the grade nines or twelves?

“I would like to emphasize to grade nines that high school is indeed an adventure, meaning it will not turn out how you plan, yet in the most amazing way possible. Yes, academically this time is essential, but this is also such an important time for growing. The second you stop trying to impress people and live by their standards is the time in which your life will become that much better; I urge all grade nines to carry this with them on their adventure. To grade twelves, there is not much advice I can give, as I too am in the same spot, still figuring it out. I do want to say, however, that the people I have grown to love in the last three years are amazing and I encourage them to bring this ‘awesomeness’ with them in everything they do. “

And with that, let’s all hope for the best in the future!


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