Halloween at Brother Andre

Costumes, candy, and the creeps; this is how SBA celebrates Halloween.IMG_1549

Arts Council SpiderAs you enter through the halls of St. Brother Andre in the morning, early students began to trickle in with a taste of this year’s costumes, ranging from the innocently sweet getup to the scariest, spooktacular ensemble. The most popular costumes wandering around are minions, Minnie Mouse, soldiers with the camouflage pants, and the list goes on and on. In the main hallway, as well as the back entrance to the Relo and at the front, the Arts Council put their own twist of Halloween décor. Spiders and bats hang from the ceiling, a lone graveyard stand silent through the atrium, and a giant skeleton head and a spider seem to haunt the premises.

And don’t forget group costumes! Olivia, Tatijana, Madeline and their ensemble of grade 12 girls dressed up as frat boys with polo shirts, moccasins, shorts and hats to match. Who could forget Jesus and his 12 (ish?) disciples? Christian, Felipe, Matthew, and their grade 12 followers coordinated their group ensemble by wearing matching robes and crucifixes to make a heavenly match. During the costume contest for groups, it was down to these two, and in the end Jesus and his disciples took the cake.IMG_1543

During lunches a,b and c, the school band and the choir performed their spooky special to appreciating audiences. The Scooby Doo cartoon theme song was beautifully sung by the choir, and the band played Phantom of the Opera.

The annual pumpkin carving contest was a success this year!  All classes signed up for the contest, put their creative hats on, and came up with a row of beautifully carved pumpkins. It ranged from the hilarious (American Pie, Donald Trump, and Miley Cyrus) to the spookiest (The vomiting, bloodiest, and toothy pumpkins.) Ms Raponi’s class came in first with their take on ‘American Pie’ and will be rewarded to an early morning breakfast served by our very own cafeteria.

I interviewed Julia Pazzano, head of Arts Council, to see what she had to say about this year’s Halloween celebration (Prior to the Halloween event).

What can we look forward to this upcoming Halloween?

For a lot of people Halloween seems the same every year, but you start to realize how different every year is when you are a part of making it. This is the first time that we’ve had a theme for Halloween and have decorated each part of the school according to that theme. Although we stuck to our normal events, we always get to put in our own unique twists into the decorations each year.

Is there anything that you were the most proud of in terms of the preparation for Halloween? (Sets, decorations, costumes, props etc.)

I’m very proud of the overall event. This was our first major event of the year and it went really well thanks to all of our dedicated council members. I spent the last few weeks worrying about if we had enough decorations or if they were all going to be finished in time, but in the end it all looked amazing. I placed the Haunted House in the hands of a few of my exec members and they worked extremely hard to put it together. For the past couple of weeks they have been making floor plans, creating a story line, working out details of props, costumes, and actors, and when I finally was able to see it in action, I was amazed. I would say that I am the most proud of my exec team for helping to keep everything together.


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