Arts Council: Big, Bright, and New

Through the heavy textbooks, papers upon papers of worksheets, and study notes for upcoming tests, Arts Council provides us a sort of break from the burden of school assignments and responsibilities, by introducing events such as Arts Night and Art Attack. They help us get excited for upcoming celebrations and the holidays, such as Christmas, Valentines and who could forget this year’s Halloween bash?

In order to plan our schedules, and mark our calendars for future Arts Council events, I interviewed Julia Pazzano, head of Arts Council, to see what they have in store for us this upcoming year.

What can we look forward to this year from Arts Council?

We have a lot of really great events this year, some of them you might recognize from previous years and some will be brand new. SBA Christmas is right around the corner and we are looking forward to helping POWERSOURCE with their decor. There has been a lot of planning going on in Arts Council and, even though it’s still months away, we are already discussing themes and decorations for Arts Night. We are also bringing back Art Attack, so watch out for a full week of art activities during second semester.

How Is this year going to be different from last year?

It’s going to be difficult to compete with the incredible year that we had last year, but there are definitely some new things on the way. Arts Council is really trying to incorporate all of the different types of art, including photography, music, drama, and videography. It’s our job as a council to promote the arts at SBA and we want people to realize that art can be seen in many different things, not just drawing or painting. More specifically we want to cooperate with the communications technology classes and any students who are interested in film, directing, editing, or acting. We are bringing back the SBA Film Festival in a new and different way and hopefully it will help students to realize that there are other art mediums besides visual arts.

What a year to look forward to!


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