SBA Halloween 2015

Friday was a Tim Burton Halloween presented by the Arts Council. There were multiple events that brought together all of the Student Government for a celebration of the scariest holiday around.
Over the last few months, Arts Council members have been crunched for time trying to decorate the school with this year’s theme in honour of Tim Burton. Burton has directed some of the best-known Halloween thrillers such as Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpse’s Bride, Frankenweenie, Alice in Wonderland, and more! It is only fitting that his productions would find a way into the SBA community. Some of the most noticeable replications from his work are his infamous spiral hanging in the atrium along with Victor Frankenstein’s laboratory in the Art Hall. Around the school, suggestions of a mad Tea Party are given from Alice in Wonderland, especially in the traditional Arts Council Haunted House.
The haunted house comes once a year only for the three lunches on SBA’s Halloween. Last year, the theme was Psycho Circus and the haunted house had many references to American Horror Story: Freak Show. While this year’s theme is not centred around a hotel, the tour was just as gripping. The doll house took students on a tour trying to find a good story as rookie reporters on a murderer known as the doll maker. Other lunch entertainment included music from Band, and Student Council’s costume contest. During the beginning of lunch, students got to hear the score from Phantom of the Opera while any students who thought their costumes were award-winning could nominate themselves for two categories: best individual costume and best group costume.
Lunch is not where SBA stops with Halloween. In the morning, there was the annual pumpkin carving contest. There were a few different categories that home rooms were able to try and win including with best overall pumpkin. ESP also organized candy grams to be sent out to friends during their home room.
Overall, SBA Halloween was a success and has been the most exciting day of the new school year! Thanks go to the councils that helped make Halloween all the more fun. Happy Halloween and to the councils, good luck with SBA Christmas!


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