Farewell For Now

On June third, Saint Brother Andre had their closing mass for the end of the school year. We welcomed Father Neiman D’Souza into our school as we transformed our cafeteria into a church for this special mass. Father talked about our journeys throughout the school year and about life beyond SBA. During this mass, our school acknowledged the grade twelve students as they will be leaving Saint Brother Andre as they graduate and go on to live their lives. It was a bittersweet moment as our school said goodbye to these bright students; however, at the same we remember their time at SBA as they will always be a part of our school community. The mass touched upon all of our grades and each and every one’s contribution to the school. We reflected on the wonderful year our school has had and all the great memories our staff and students have shared. Our school is a community, a family, and together we cherish the moments we come together for. This year end mass was the last school event we participated in together. We are a school of joy, optimism and faith, as reflected in our prayers and we always strive for the best.

After our mass was ended we welcomed our student body electives, Apples Mastrogiacomo, Victoria Salameh and Nathan Ko, to present their speeches to the school. We appreciated all of the candidates sincere words and trusted their intentions and desires as to why they want to be student body president for next year. The election took place the next day and all students voted for who they think should be the student government president for 2015-2016. The election is an important contribution to our year end mass because it reminds us of the spirit, dedication, hard work and passion that will shine through September’s new school year. The winner of the election was Apples, and we look forward to her being an excellent leader in our school community next year! Congratulations to Apples and our other amazing student leaders, Victoria and Nathan. We know SBA will be in good hands with such excellent role models!

Now, a very sad yet extraordinary moment at SBA’s year end mass- farewell to Mr. Zaroski. As we are all much aware, our principal, Mr. Zaroski will be leaving us and attending a new school. We had to thank him for all that he has done for our school. He has been a part of our school community for about four and a half years and has never failed to impress us! Mr. Zaroski truly is a spectacular guy and would do anything for the students and staff of this school to make it a better home and environment for everyone. He always has good intentions for the heart of this school. We thanked him for all of his much appreciated hard work and dedication with a meaningful gift. All of our student council presidents presented Mr. Zaroski with a gift from all of us- a custom made trophy for being the best principal ever! I mean seriously what other principal has a twitter account known for his famous selfies? Our incredible band even performed a song called “Home” so that Mr. Zaroski knows he will always be welcome in our Saint Brother Andre home. There is no doubt that Mr. Zaroski will be deeply missed, but we are happy to know that he will always have a piece of us with him, with his new desk trophy. Although we are sad that he is leaving, we are happy at the same time to see him move onto this next chapter of his life. We know he will go on to do good things at his new school, Father Bressani, in Woodbridge. At the same time we look forward to meeting our new principle, Mr. Pivato.

Saint Brother Andre is truly a great school where students have many opportunities to learn, grow and reach their goals. Every school year only gets better as we continue to reach for the best possible outcomes. Our year end mass serves as a reminder of just how successful our school year has been. It is a time to appreciate the mind, body and soul of our school, as Mr. Zaroski stated in his farewell speech. Goodbye life at SBA 2014-2015, we look forward to what the future has to offer us!


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