News from the Principal


Over 200 students from our Music Department including our Choir and Band performed at a Toronto Marlies Game on March 6th.  It was a great night for our program; the kids did a fantastic job.  Many parents attended as wel,l along with Mr. Janetta our Band Leader and Ms. Barcena our Choir Leader.

Our Senior Boys AAAA hockey team,  coached by Mr. Turner, Mr. Titanic, and Mr. Mihaljevic,  won OFSSA on March 12 in St. Catharines.  We did put together a fan bus and 38 students and 6 staff were an awesome cheering section.  The coach from the silver medal team wrote me an email expressing how impressed he and his players were that our kids cheered for each of their players as they received their individual silver medals.


The Training Day on March 13 was well attended by staff.  Mrs. Barker (VP) and Mr. Mittone (guidance) lead the staff in a mental health workshop that incorporated the use of GAFE, specifically google classroom.  Our staff learned about ways to support students who were experiencing personal challenges and at the same time learning about one google feature and how they could use it in classroom instruction.  Staff have a continued opportunity to learn more about GAFE at bi-monthly GAFE Learning Centre workshops lead by Mr. Mittone for the remainder of the school year.

OSSLT was written by grade 10 students on March 26. Results will be available in June.

Our Phys. Ed. department hosted our annual elementary basketball tournament on March 26.

Congratulations to Aiden Aird, one of our Grade 10 students, for recently winning the gold medal at the York Region Sci-Tech Fair, which took place March 28, 2015.  This is the fourth year in a row that Aidan has won gold at this region-wide science and technology competition.  Last year, he won a gold medal at the national competition for his project, ‘The Turbo-Eco Cookstove Plus: Improving Living Conditions in Developing Nations.’  Aiden will be representing St. Brother Andre and York Region and will compete at the Canada-Wide Science Fair taking place in Fredericton, New Brunswick, May 14-16. Also, watch for an article about Aiden in the Toronto Star…

A number of grade 10 retreats occurred as well as the grade 11 places of worship tours.  The grade 10s had their retreats at St. Pats and some of our senior students assisted in leading the various activities.

Technology update:  We are two rooms away from our goal of installing a brightlink project in 36 rooms .  At this time every room has a LCD projector, computer and internet.  Our math rooms each have a smartboard.  Our computer labs and specialty rooms have mobile LCD projectors.  We have come a long way in a short time.

Our Special Education Department along with over 50 students took part in an in-service on April 7th delivered by DJ Cunningham on how to work with GAFE.  Key focus was on how students (and teachers) could work together as a group to collaborate on assignments and projects.

On April 8 Easter mass was celebrated with all students. The first mass was celebrated with grade 10 and 12 students followed by a second mass for grade 9 and 11 students.

The Luke 4:18 group ran a wonderful “Bandaid” on April 9th and raised $3193 for Covenant House.  The excitement was around the new cotton candy and popcorn machines that were purchased by the school.  The ESP council ran the cotton candy machine and in the first day of operation, recouped cost of the machine.

cotton candy

Our Girls Soccer team, coached by Ms. Keyes, won the York University Indoor High School Girls soccer tournament won the championship on April 10.

The Guidance Department arranged for a variety of colleges and university representatives to visit SBA in March and April to provide additional program information for grade 12 students. Representatives were available during all three lunches to speak with students.

The Student Council organized an “all grades” dance in our caf on Friday April 17th. This event was attended by just over 200 students and a great time was had by all!


Report Card day was April 17 and Parent Teacher interviews will take place on Thursday April 23. Interviews will run from 3:30 – 4:30 pm and from 6:00 – 8:30 pm. Parents will be able to access the schools on line appointment system on line.

April 24 is our annual B-Strong walk. We hope to raise $10 000 to help find a cure for brain cancer.  This is our community focus charity as the Bolger Family attended Brother Andre and Lindsay was a graduate of the school.

AP exams are being written in the first two weeks of May.

May 7th we will have a whole school mass…every Catholic High school in Ontario will be celebrating mass that day.

Arts Night is May 14….another wonderful talent show ran by our Arts Council.

Our Arts Department trip to New York is May 13-15.

The Spring Concert is May 21.  This is a performance by our band and choir in our cafeteria.

On May 27 is our annual “What to expect in grade 9” open house for grade 8 parents.  This event is well attended and offers the new high school parent some insight into what they will face in September.

SBA Day is on Friday May 29th.  This is our annual student appreciation event.  Details are still in the works!

Our Year End Mass will be on June 3 followed by our Presidential Election Speeches.

The Annual Athletic Banquet is June 9.

Graduation date has been adjusted slightly to a better time with a 1:00pm start on Friday June 26th at LeParc Markham.

Next CSC meeting is June 10.

To follow the various school twitter accounts to see photos and up to day comments about our events at SBA. @Mr_Zaroski has links to all the club and council accounts.

In closing, please understand that many of these events run at SBA because of the great efforts of our student leaders AND staff who volunteer their time after school.

Mr. Zaroski



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