Cardinals Win Gold at OFSAA


The Senior Boys Hockey team have had a long journey to OFSAA; a journey that had brought on nothing but success and triumph. Coached by Mr. Titanic, Mr. Turner and Mr Mihaljevic, the boys played their championship game in St. Catharines against Abbey Park and won gold on March 12.


Taking a look back in history, one can see how working together as a team, and the leadership from our dedicated coaches has proven SBA to be unstoppable. This has been the fourth time the Sr. Boys Hockey team won the championship title at OFSAA. It was a tough game as both teams came out strong and within the third period Cory Vigneux scored the first goal. Abbey Park scored the equalizer minutes later.


The Cardinals sustained pressure throughout overtime and appeared to be the hungrier team; their sights set on taking home the title of OFSAA Champs. The game eventually went to a shootout where goalie Emilio Gallenero proved to be the hero. After Abbey Park’s final shot, the goal was saved and the Cardinal fans went wild knowing the boys won. SBA clearly has super dedicated fans as students boarded a spirit bus from SBA all the way to the Seymour-Hannah Sports Centre. A big thank you goes out to the amazing coaches and supportive parents, administrators, friends, and fellow students. The boys are now able to return to SBA knowing they are the best of the best in all of Ontario!


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