Love is in the Air

photo 1The most common word associated with Valentine’s Day is love. Most people tend to think of this day as existing strictly for those who are in an intimate relationship; however, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of any kind of love, including love shared with friends and family. Whether you are in a relationship or not, there are many fun ways to add some sugar to your Valentine’s Day. Surely, there is the obvious gesture of buying your loved one a thoughtful gift- chocolate, roses, teddy bears- the classic Valentine’s goodies. Anyone would appreciate such a gift, but if you don’t have a significant other, there is nothing wrong with giving gifts to friends and family. On Friday, February 13th, 2015 Saint Brother Andre’s ESP handed out roses to all the students who participated in their Valentine’s Day event. Students were delighted by anonymous roses and wore smiles on their faces all day long after receiving a rose. SBA was filled with the wondrous sensation of love in the air.

This feeling of love remained alive on Saturday, February 14, 2015 when SBA students celebrated photo 2Valentine’s Day outside of the school. The Orator was able to catch up with some grade twelve students and what they did this Valentine’s Day. Some people spent this loving day with their best friends, to show them how much they love and appreciate their friendship. Diana Searles and her friends spent a night in and did “all the typical girly things you could imagine.” They watched chick flicks and enjoyed many goodies, including chocolate covered strawberries, as Diana and her friends baked tasty treats. Diana even decided to surprise each of her friends with a rose. When asked what the highlight of her night was, Diana’s answer seemed to amaze all of us. Some time during the evening the girls decided to go on an adventure and run outside in the freezing cold weather. Wondering what made them want to do this, Diana said, “Don’t ask why. I don’t really know why we did it, but I can tell you that it was fun… and freezing.” This is certainly an interesting way to spend Valentine’s Day, but I guess love will make you do crazy things! Chelsea Ng is another student who spent her Valentine’s Day outside on a cold Saturday night. Chelsea met up with an old friend that she doesn’t get to see often and together they went skating. They relished the time they had in each other’s presence and although the night was cold, they still had a spectacular time. Spending Valentine’s Day with friends will always be a great success.

Many people in different places around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day. Imagine spending it somewhere else for a change; give yourself a transition of atmosphere and try new things. Andrew photo 3Mirando is one student who travelled outside of Canada on this past Valentine’s Day weekend. Andrew travelled to New York City; what better way to celebrate than in a city that couldn’t be more alive! There he spent the night in Times Square with his cousins and enjoyed the city’s marvelous vibe. “It was nice to be in a different city spending quality time with the people I don’t often get to see. It was a great weekend and I wish I didn’t have to leave,” said Andrew. Valentine’s day is certainly a great day to spend with family, the people who love you through thick and thin.

Then of course, there are those who spent Valentine’s Day with that special someone. On this day two people are able to cherish the love that lies between them by doing something that emulates their relationship. Alexandria Benedict was ready for a night out, excited to see the movie that she and her date had planned to see. However, things didn’t start off so smoothly when she and her date missed their movie. With a twist of events, they decided to try a new burger joint to kick off the night. They later made up for the movie by watching one of their favourite movies together, The Notebook. When the night ended and her date left to go home, he left a surprise for her to find in one of her drawers. She noticed a blue box and when she opened it, inside was a diamond heart-shaped necklace. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend and although the night didn’t go exactly as planned, this sure did make up for it.

loveNo matter how you celebrate Valentine’s Day, having the company of those that you love is what’s important. This feeling of love makes us all feel nice and warm on the inside and having a day to cherish all the different relationships we have is truly something magical.


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