De-Stress Your School Year

From the newest of freshman, to the eldest of high school seniors, there is one thing all grades have in common: stress. As we all are coming to know (or already know), high school can be stressful. Especially this time of the year, where projects are due and exams are taking place, it’s hard not to stress about getting good grades and getting all your requirements done. Not only is this time of the year a hard time, but it seems that students are constantly on the go and never have time to get all their assignments done. At the age of trying to balance grades, hobbies, sports, a social life, family and sleep, it seems almost impossible to stay calm and collected.

Although there are many ways to add to your stress, there are also various ways to calm down and de-stress. In the midst of studying for exams, it’s important not to overkill your studying. Sometimes studying without taking breaks can lead to more stress and over- exhaustion. A quick break idea could be to relax and tune out for at least 10 minutes. Relaxing your mind for a short period time makes it easier to stay more focused when you decide to get back into your work. Another way to stop the stress is to work it off, literally. Working out is something that can keep both your mind and body in shape, at the same time. Taking a couple of hours off of studying to go to the gym (or even workout at home) can release all your stress and cool down your mind and your body. When people get stressed out, sometimes the way to feel good again is to talk it out. Venting about your problems helps you release them, and even though it  may not solve them right away, talking allows you to think about the issue in a different way, which can lead to a solution eventually. For a typical teen, the most difficult thing is to keep a perfectly tidy and clean room. Cleaning the space you work in and organizing it can help by organizing your mind as well. It increases your time management, and it makes it easier to sort out what you need to get done. Cleaning your space helps you stay on-task, neat and organized. Another de-stressing tip is to keep an agenda. Keeping up to date with what dates your tests are, and when assignments are due helps you find time and set priorities. Writing things down in an agenda makes it easy to check off what you have done, and what you have left. Actually seeing how much accomplished gives you satisfaction and keeps you motivated.

School is not easy; as students we feel that we have too many obligations to balance and it can cause us to be extremely stressed out and flustered. Helping yourself find ways to de-stress will make your life, your schoolwork, and your overall high school experience a lot easier and more enjoyable.


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