Pre-Playoff Game

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On Friday January 16, the senior boys basketball team played against St. Augustine. The boys brought their game to the court as they fought hard throughout this crucial game. It was the last game before entering the playoffs and the boys were determined to give it their all. Before the game, the S.B.A Orator had the chance to talk to some of the players to hear what they had to say.

Regarding how he felt going into the game, Jordan Davis said, “It will definitely be a challenge but we are just going to go out there and do our thing.” Each of the players have their own special talent and pre-game rituals, Adrian Sivaraj, said, “I like doing my right foot up first and I double knot my right foot but I single knot my left.” This is certainly an interesting ritual, but whatever works for him works for the team. All in all, the boys have had a steady season with a three and three record.

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Entering the game, the boys started off strong, going after every move and fighting for the ball. The first half of the game was a nail biter, as the S.B.A Cardinals and St. Augustine Titans were neck and neck. The boys stole the ball with every chance they got, moving up on the scoreboard, and held the lead 19-14 going into the third quarter. Before the game, Adrian said, “We’re both fairly equal teams, but whoever plays the best defense will win.” Although the boys lost the game, they definitely tried their best and demonstrated good sportsmanship. They had a strong defense team in the first and second quarter, and in the playoffs we know they will defend to the end.

Coach, Mr. Moore said, “They have to play the way they play in practice,” and with several practices, before the playoffs, the boys will be better than ever. Mr. Moore has been coaching the team for about five years now and he never fails to support the boys. On going into the playoffs, he explained, “This is a critical game for all of them. It’s quite an emotional game that is significant in their lives. There is a lot happening, which is the reason why I enjoy it.” No matter win or lose, the Cardinals play the game with their hearts and simply for their love of this sport. This is especially true for our graduating students; for some of them, it will be their last year playing.

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The boys proved that this was an important game for them by putting in their best efforts. They didn’t give up, pushing right to the end when player number 23, Jordan Anderson, ended the game with a three point buzzer shot. Way to go Jordan! What a great way to end the game. He left the game with a spark of energy that will linger into the playoffs. We are proud of their hard work and determination and we hope they can bring back the same energy for the playoffs. Good luck to the boys as the playoffs are quickly approaching. Let’s show off our S.B.A pride and support them all the way to the finals! Go Cardinals go!


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