SBA Ordinary or Extraordinary???

Ordinary or Extraordinary? …….To call student life at SBA ordinary, in this administrator’s opinion, would be a lie. Along with the many fantastic activities planned for students everyday by their classroom teachers, you will find as many equally amazing opportunities planned for the student body and community by the members of SBA’s 8 dedicated and hard working councils that make up SBA’s student government.

Since the beginning of the school year, these 8 amazing councils which include Student Council, Athletic Council, Arts Council, Luke 4:18, P.O.W.E.R. Source, OSAID, Faith Development Council and ESP have helped to organize and run, with the help of SBA’s administration, teaching staff and Parish, a number of activities intended to educate, support and engage the SBA community.

These activities include:

The “Welcome to SBA” grade 9 in-school orientation day.
The grade 9 Muskoka Woods 3 day team building trip.
School Masses
Confessions, at school, for staff and students.
Student Card picture taking and distribution day.

A “Friday Night Lights” football game

Presentations for student from the Grade 8 feeder schools
Presentations for the Grade 8 parent information night
Multicultural week
Anti-bullying week
Thanksgiving food drive

Basketball buy-out for the Rick Maloney Basketball Tournament
Semi-formal at LeParc
Delivering a Student Government reports at all Catholic School Council and Academic Council meetings
Drug and Alcohol Awareness (DAW) week presentation and in school student activities
Operation Christmas Child
SBA’s 5 days before Christmas in school activities and ……
SBA Christmas for families of the Markham community.

So…….Ordinary or Extraordinary?  What is the term used to describe student life at SBA? Talk to any one of our 1462 students and I would be surprised to hear the term ordinary used to describe any of the activities that happen at SBA.  Join us at SBA Christmas and Judge for yourself?


Mr. A. Belille


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