Drug Awareness Week

The week of December 8th to 12th was marked as Drug Awareness week for SBA. OSAID, the school’s anti – substance abuse council, organized the event to show the students of SBA the importance of the negative effects of drug and alcohol use.

When asked about the importance of these events and councils, one nurse that helped OSAID organize the event stated, “The importance is awareness!” Every student is always told this along with things like don’t do drugs or stay in school, but this week, students participated in real life examples that showed them the importance of what OSAID stands for. The council brought in real pig lungs for demonstration of how smoking affects them, interactive games, pamphlets, and information for some facts that everyone should know about substance abuse. Many students were saying that once they saw the effects drugs had on their bodies, they had realized just how serious the problem was! For instance, one pamphlet showed that a cigarette is made from more than just nicotine, but also contained mercury, battery acid, and nail polish remover.

OSAID has done a wonderful job with this event and the awareness will continue throughout the year. Some more events that this event showcased are grade 11 and 12 presentations and more interactive learning experiences. This event comes along with many other important safety issues for the week. SBA is very lucky to have events like this that will shape all students into safer ones.


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