Semi Has Frozen Over

semipic3What does every grade nine dream about attending at least once in their high school lives here at Saint Brother Andre? Semi-Formal, of course. They don’t have to wait for long because Student Council opened up this year’s Snow Ball to both grade tens and elevens, which has not been done in years. On Friday November 28, students at SBA were dressed to the nines at Le Parc Banquet Hall to enjoy a night full of dancing. A great deal of effort was put into making this event possible by all the members of Student Council and it was truly a night to remember.

As guests walked in, they were engulfed in a winter wonderland. Snowflakes lined the walls of the entrance next to the scenic banner and the photography club ensured that they captured every moment. Guests were able to get their pictures taken with some winter props and the centerpieces depicted hand painted snowflakes on a glass vase containing decorative silver tree branches. Although it wasn’t snowing outside, the decorations made it feel as if it were inside!semi 3

After dinner, students danced the night away and yes, the DJ didn’t forget to play Taylor Swift—twice. Everyone was singing along and no one left the dance floor until their feet felt like they were going to fall off. Vice-president of Student Council, Melissa Chang Kit described what it was like to organize such a time consuming event: “It took a lot of council cooperation and participation, as well as a lot of commitment! Everyone had to put in tons of extra time and effort to get everything organized, but it was worth it in the end.” If you saw how hard these students worked during their weekly meetings you would see how dedicated they are to bringing SBA Spirit to the student body. They received a lot of positive feedback after the astounding event and Melissa was very happy with the turnout. “It was a lot of work but we all had fun with it,” she continued. Without the entire council working together and their teacher supervisors, Ms. Newberry and Ms. Alicandro, the Snow Ball would not have been possible.semi 1semi 2


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