Lest we Forget: How we Remember


Once a year, Canadians  get together on a very special day to commemorate fallen soldiers and those who are continuing to fight for our country every single day. Remembrance Day, which began in 1919, will forever be a day when Canadians show national pride and patriotism.

Many ceremonies occurred not only November 11th, but over the weekend to show respect to the soldiers celebrated on this prosperous day. Students from the Saint Brother Andre community had the privilege to go to one of Markham’s ceremonies this past Saturday November 8th at the cenotaph outside the Markham Village Community Center. Accompanied by their school history teacher Mr. Swan, students Lourdes, Gianni, Angela, and I had the chance to be a part of the ceremony and lie a wreath with our school name inscribed on a ribbon. As one of the few high schools at the ceremony, it was refreshing to see that the kids were so eager to be involved in such a service. Not one person who attended the ceremony left without a poppy.


Fast forward to November 11th, Saint Brother Andre CHS and the rest of Canada participated in a moment of silence during a school-wide assembly.  The students even had the opportunity to listen to a veteran, Captain McFarland, address them about the armed forces and all of the brave Canadians that assisted in bringing about peace since the Boer war. The gymnasium rose for the singing of the national anthem followed by the prayer that not only honored valiant Canadians from the past, but recent heroic Canadians like Corporal Nathan Cirillo who died after being shot on Parliament Hill. It is courageous Canadians like Nathan, which our nation needs to display gratitude towards.


Thank you to everyone who made this assembly a possibility and to the students who care immensely about acknowledging the strong veterans of our country. This is what Remembrance Day is all about. Remembrance Day is not just about wearing a poppy, but about coming together as a nation to celebrate those who fought for Canada’s freedom. A ceremony which originally memorialized D-Day is now been a day to thank Canadians who continue to bring peace and prosperity to our home and native land.


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