You Are the Future

Some Grade 9 students at Take Your Kid to Work Day. Photo courtesy of

Some Grade 9 students at Take Your Kid to Work Day. Photo courtesy of

Before entering SBA, grade nine students had a few things to look forward to other than just the beginning of high school. After travelling to Muskoka Woods, and learning about exams, the next major event that marks the grade nine’s transition into high school is Take Your Kid to Work Day. On November 5, 2014, the grade nines headed to one of their parent’s or family friend’s workplaces. Students went everywhere from banks to chocolate factories. While the event seems like a day of fun,  Take Your Kid to Work Day has a real meaning. The event teaches students all about the real world that they will embark in once school is over. It does not only represent the specific workplace, but all careers that students could be interested in and how to succeed. Sorry to break it to Daniel Radcliffe, but you cannot simply succeed in business without really trying.

The event took weeks of planning for large companies like BMO,  which included a great introduction to business and I.T. The company brought in some guest speakers including head-office managers, and they brought in some of the latest technology they had. The point was not only to learn about parent workplaces, but to learn about how society works. One BMO employee stated, “(Take Your Kid to Work Day) allowed kids to learn about all of the opportunities one could find in large companies.”

Take Your Kid to Work Day or Take Our Kid to Work day – as the planners called it – gave students some insight into where they could be headed. As most students heard countless times, “You are the future!” It’s time to step up your game SBA. You heard it; we hold the fate of the world!


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