Oksoberfest at Saint Brother Andre!


Oksoberfest3Willkommen auf Oksoberfest! October 24th marked the annual Oksoberfest event presented by the OSAID council. Oksoberfest is based on the German tradition of Oktoberfest, but coupled with the very important message of sober driving. SBA students showed that you can have tons of fun without drinking.

The annual event brought much anticipation and buzz, and it surpassed expectations. The cafeteria was flooded with students who were ready to be engulfed in German culture (ranging from a variety of German cuisines to the root beer floats and games). German music was played throughout the auditorium. Not only did students manage to eat German food and learn some German words, they were also taught some important lessons along the way about safer partying and safe driving. Yes, even though Oksoberfest was a day where everyone experienced another culture, they were also taught the importance of not drinking and driving.


Oksoberfest deviates from the name Oktoberfest which is an event held from Oksoberfest1late September running into the first weekend of October. Traditional foods, amusement rides and a large quantities of beer are served throughout this event, making it the largest people’s fair in the world. Now, why is that important? Well, as you may know OSAID’S goals are to keep the students of Saint Brother Andre aware of the dangers associated with impaired driving. When one of the event’s leaders was asked ‘Why bring Oksoberfest here in the Brother Andre Community?” her response was “Since our council is here to tell the high school students of S.B.A about drunk driving and driving impaired, we might as well try to get that point through a special event where everyone might participate.” Another member states “In 2010 it was estimated that over 2,000 individuals were involved in motor vehicle accidents in Canada and 1,000 of them were impaired. We want to reach our message to the students here at Saint Brother Andre because they are at critical moments of their lives, especially when they start to obtain their driver’s licence.”


Overall Oksoberfest provides a great opportunity to teach students the dangers of drinking and driving while maintaining the fun and festive spirit at S.B.A.



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