Behind the Scenes with the Arts Council

This past week, the Arts Council put on a successful haunted house filled with scary decor and creepy monsters. This year’s psycho circus was a success! The school was decked out with full on decorations to maximize the student body’s halloween experience.

What the student body may not know is how much hard work and time is put into creating all of these decorations. Halloween isn’t the only holiday the Arts Council decorates for. They do Christmas and Valentines as well as decorating for their annual event, Arts Night. So how much time does it take to get all this done? For Halloween, the council started right away. Executive members met once a week to discuss ideas before presenting them to the council which met three times a week after school. Talk about dedication! When asked what the biggest obstacle the council faced, president, Nick Duarte stated, “finding the line between practical and creative sometimes. Our ideas were great, but we were blinded by ambition, this resulted in some unfinished products. It was also a long journey from when we started and it was all about keeping up the energy and excitement.”

This council works so hard to ensure full holiday spirit throughout the school and they have definite skills in the paper mâché department. They made an acrobat hanging from the balcony, two giant skulls, and a scary gargoyle. They made it evident that our school is haunted with signs that said “turn back now” and “keep out”. The art hall was turned into Wednesday Addams’ room with beheaded dolls and the back of the school transformed into a garden featuring a very life-like Venus fly trap. This year’s halloween festivities turned out amazing and a big thanks goes out to all Arts Council members for making this year a success once again!


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