Thank Goodness for Upgrades!

SBA students and teachers can finally breathe a sigh of relief. That’s right! Starting October 27th the guidance computer lab is getting updated. Our Principal, Mr. Dan Zaroski said “This means that each of our computer labs in the school  have been replaced in the last 3 years” Students will be able to access their Google accounts, and use it to submit homework or create PowerPoint presentations for class. Teachers will find it easier to teach their classes by also accessing their accounts to show upcoming projects or to instruct a lesson.  SBA has a total of  10 computer labs.

the guidance computer lab

the guidance computer lab

Grade 11 students Dillon Singh, who is skilled with computers, gives his insight. ““I think that it’s good that the school should be updating the computers every three years mainly because we live in a world where we live in a technology based society, we are going to be so involved with technology as it is. We should try to understand it and get the proper tools to learn more to be more aware of what we are doing.”

Tina Anemos, a hardworking grade 11 student adds “I think it’s a good idea because it will help students work faster because some of the computers are really slow. It will be more convenient for students with their work.” Students who have been interviewed nodded their heads in. Slow computers have limited help for a student who needs everything to be done as soon as possible.

Our head of Canadian & World Studies –Mr. Swan who is already using his Google account for his classes is supportive of the updates. ““Being able to use these technologies to teach students is great. They will be able to access their GAFE accounts more frequently and should make sharing information simpler. Presentations and homework will be easier for them to handle.” Guidance Counselor Mrs. Smyth shares her opinion with a confident smile. “I think it’s fantastic. We run all the careers courses now through Google with the Google docs, and students already have their Gmail accounts set up. We are moving more towards that. It’s less paper, so it’s better for the environment. These are skills that kids need when they go into the workplace and more onto university- everything is electronic. We are very happy.”

one of the new computers

one of the new computers

Mr. Maiorano our school technician adds his input. “This can help students with their research. The better the computers, the better the students will learn.”

On the behalf of the SBA community, we are excited about the upgrades because it helps us with our studies and we are grateful for this upgrade.






The next part of these exciting upgrades are the addition of Epson Brightlink projectors to our classroom….watch for that story soon!



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