“I would like to congratulate all of the student winners!”

October 23rd marked an important event for SBA students with our  Awards Ceremony taking place in the evening for the first time in many years. The ceremony celebrated the academic successes of the 2013-14 school year. Grade nine to eleven students that received Honour Roll, Subject Awards, or the prestigious Principal’s List status were recognized during a night to remember. The evening truly showcased all of the hard-work, commitment, and talent that SBA has to offer. One mother of a Principal’s List recipient stated, “I think it’s great that all the kids get recognized for all the hard-work they put in.” Mr. Belille proudly explained, “I think we did very well with Honour Roll this year…I would like to congratulate all of our student winners!”  43% of the SBA student body earned Honour Roll status last year.

Thanks go  to Mr. Belille, Mr. Turner, Mr Moore, Mr Janetta, Head Custodian Ms Bone and many student volunteers for setting up the gym for this event.  A decision was made to create a new set up with the team championship banners as the back drop.  Including the bleachers, we had seating for 11oo people.   My estimate was that, counting students, we had just under 1000 people at the ceremony tonight!

The Awards Stage

The Awards Stage

For those that attended, we saw students in our school that were successful enough to receive an average of 80% or above for Honour Roll. Those that have been studying their brains out while keeping their SBA spirit received a spot on the Principal’s List. Grade eleven Principal’s List student, Melissa C.K., explained with a simple: “You work really hard!” I’m sure she goes above and beyond for SBA! Our school definitely has hardworking and dedicated students. If you don’t believe me, believe Superintendent Bagley, who said the following: “We are here to celebrate all of the students who have become critical and creative thinkers, socially responsive citizens, dwelling upon change in the world!”  Father D’Sousa from St. Patrick’s Parish, was present to open the ceremony with a prayer as well as to present awards to the grade 9s.  Ms Carroll, Chair of the Catholic School Council helped present awards to the grade 10s.

Not only did the ceremony acknowledge all of SBA’s prestigious scholars, but also served as a class project for Hospitality. Chef Kyle (gr. 12 student)  stated, “I think we spent all week baking the cookies,” and may I say, those cookies definitely deserve an A+!

Mr. Zaroski was very pleased with tonight’s event.  He gave credit to the people behind the scenes, office staff, custodians, and hospitality staff who all played important roles in making this event run so smoothly.  The teacher volunteers who read the names tonight also did a great job.

Grade 11 Principal's List

Grade 11 Principal’s List

SBA students will continue to strive for success academically for years to come. This different format of the awards assembly made for a wonderful and memorable evening as it allowed many more parents to attend the event. Congratulations to all of the Honour Roll recipients and keep up the good work!


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