Docking Stations Save Students (Battery) Lives

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A common issue that students face on a day to day basis is not having enough battery percentage on their cell phones. This often sends students out on a mission to find a charger. Well SBA, say goodbye to this problem as we welcome phone charging stations into our school. SBA has five docking station locations where you can find these chargers- one at the front entrance of the school, in front of the office window, one against the back wall of the cafeteria, two in the atrium and one in the library. What types of devices do these docking stations support? The list that follows will help you out.

Plug in and power up today’s technologies:

  • laptops, phones, tablets, MP3 players, E-readers, gaming devices, etc.
  • provides 8 full speed charging cables per docking station
  • charges nearly 100% of devices- iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows

Here at the Orator, we think that these chargers are a great idea to help out many students. Our school can thank Mrs. Maloney for solving this problem. Not too long ago, Mrs. Maloney was at a department meeting, Library Subject Council, for all school librarians, when these chargers were demonstrated. This council tries to keep on top of changes in technology so that they are effective and pay off for staff and students. When Mrs. Maloney saw these chargers, she became really excited and thought, “This is great! This is going to solve all those problems.” At first, Mrs. Maloney thought that these charging stations would be great for the library as students are often in need to charge their phones after school while tutoring. However, when she took this idea to Mr. Zaroski, he said, “That’s a great idea,” and wanted to expand it to more than one charging station. Now, finding a charger should not be an issue.

You never know when you may need a boost; even a 10 percent boost can save your life! Maybe you slept in and didn’t have time to charge your phone, or you fell asleep while on Instagram waking up to a dead phone. We all know how rushed mornings can be and there is never enough time to get your battery to 100 percent. Many students then come to school with a battery that does not last them the day. How is that a problem? Students at SBA are involved in a variety of after school activities. Staying after school, until after hours, may result in a dead phone. Students need their phones to know who their ride home is, and to communicate to others associated within these activities. No need to panic anymore- our chargers can supply your phone with energy! A great location for waiting for your ride home, while charging your phone, is the docking station by the main entrance which gives you a clear view of the cars approaching the school. However, personal reasons may not be the only reason why we need these chargers. Technology is becoming more well known, and it is a very useful tool for education purposes. Students may need a charged phone for learning purposes, as Mrs. Maloney stated, “Students can use it for the right reasons. We are encouraging new learning strategies.”

All in all, the docking stations were an excellent  investment, but there was one final step before they could be set up: the design! The design was Mr. Zaroski’s idea. He wanted the school logo on the display, as Mrs. Maloney said, “He is all about pushing our school identity.” Thankfully, here at SBA, we have many talented graphic design students. Among those students, Abigail Mendoza, in Ms. Giordano’s grade 11 graphic design class came up with a creative display to execute Mr. Zaroski’s idea. She took the cardinal image and designed the docking stations that would fit the charger template. There were limitations for Abigail as she had to consider appropriate sizing and resolution, but despite that she said, “It was an easy and straightforward process.” The design looks great, as Ms. Giordano commented, “Simple is always best, with emphasis on the cardinal.” We can thank Mrs. Maloney,  Mr. Zaroski, Ms. Giordano,  Abigail Mendoza and Quick Boost, the company behind the product, for all taking part in this project. On behalf of the Orator, we hope that you like the chargers and put them to good use! What do you think about the chargers? We’d love to hear your opinion, so share your comments below!


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