Bienvenue à SBA! Welcome to SBA!

Frenchex1Last week, SBA had the pleasure of welcoming French exchange students into our school community. These students set foot in our school and got to experience life at SBA. They followed around our very own Saint Brother Andre students whom they were staying with. The French students had the opportunity to walk around in their shoes- going to all their classes, meeting their friends and families, participating in their daily activities and much more! They got a taste of a Canadian lifestyle and boy did they enjoy it! We sat down with grade twelve student, Emily Martin, who told the Orator all about her week with the students. Emily described her week as, “A really good experience.” She got to make new friends, and not just fellow Canadians, but rather foreign students! Now, I know what you are all thinking- how was the communication!? How did the fluent- speaking French students understand our fluent-speaking English students? For the most part, it was pretty smooth. Emily’s French exchange student, Margaux, understood English very well, and when she didn’t understand a word or two…well, “There was always google translate,” admitted Emily, jokingly.

During the week, Emily, along with a few other SBA students, set out on a couple of adventures to make the trip more exciting. They got to show the French students around town, taking them to their favourite places, shopping, and setting foot in the city. One late afternoon, they headed downtown to the Rogers Centre to watch Toronto’s very own Argonauts versus the Hamilton Ti-Cats. Toronto won, which made the game even more of a thriller! Another great adventure was driving up to Niagara Falls for a day! Here the students got to see the Falls, they went on Maid of the Mist, walked around Clifton Hill, and got to see the haunted houses. The students also went apple picking one day and they even experienced Canadian Thanksgiving! Each French student spent Thanksgiving with their own SBA student and their family. They each had a Thanksgiving dinner, celebrating all that they are thankful for. Emily and her student, Margaux, had Thanksgiving at Emily’s house with about twenty of Emily’s family members. It was a big dinner and a nice opportunity for the French students to be a part of something special, since back home in France they do not celebrate Thanksgiving. Their stay included many trips within a trip and the students enjoyed every moment of it. “It bettered my personality and we got to bond,” said Emily of this incredible experience. What was Emily’s favourite thing they did? She liked Niagara Falls the best because it gave all the students a chance to spend more time together as a group on one of their very last days together. Then came the day where they had to say goodbye.

After a busy, but certainly well spent, week, the French students had to say goodbye to Canada and to Saint Brother Andre. According to Emily, the students loved Canada and wanted to stay longer. Unfortunately they had a plane to catch, but not to worry because as all good things come to an end, this one doesn’t end just yet! In a couple of months- March to be exact- our SBA students will be taking off to France to reunite with their French exchange students! Since Margaux could speak English fairly well, Emily has to step up her game, since, according to her, her French is not as good as Margaux’s English. When asked what she’s most excited for, Emily said, “The winery and the soccer game.” During March break, our fellow students will be attending a France soccer game and they will also meet the team! Talk about exciting stuff! We look forward to hearing all about our students’ upcoming trips and the Orator will have all the scoop for you!


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