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The World Cup may be over, but the SBA Soccer season is just getting started. Both junior and senior teams played challenging games on Tuesday against St. Augustine’s Titans, but our Cardinals pulled through when the junior boys tied 2-2 and the seniors tied 4-4. The junior team had goals from Jordan Lyn and Daniel Morris and the senior team had goals from Adrian Sivaraj, Nick Turco, as well as two goals from Stratie Kloutsouniotis.

There was plenty of action during the senior game, and equally as interesting was some insight from the team beforehand. When asked about any pre-game rituals, goalkeeper Ben McClellan said he puts tape around his wrists each game with his grandfather’s initials and birthdate for good luck. The coaches also gave some words of wisdom: Be confident and loud. Mr. Fuda stated, “Character is everything…it’s not always about the skill; it’s about the will.” This is the best advice he can give his team. Skill is important, but for any team to succeed, they must have a positive attitude towards all possible outcomes. Whether it is a tough loss, a victorious win, or a hard-fought tie, our Cardinals never come up short when it comes to team spirit!

The rain made for an interesting couple of games, but hopefully the weather cooperates so SBA soccer fans can support the boys at their next home game against St. Theresa, the defending OFSAA champs.


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