Bittersweet Game for SBA Seniors

Ready for the big game!

Ready for the big game!

It is well known that a student’s senior year is the year of the ”last times.” It is when you have your last school dance, last time sitting in your school’s cafeteria, walking to your grade 12-religion class, and stressing to find the combo of your locker. Some of the most memorable “last” events in high school are sporting events. It’s the last time watching your fellow senior classmates play their last basketball game, or first opening soccer game. In this case, on Friday October 3rd, our senior boys football team played their first homecoming game of the season. Yes, it was the first game of the season, but for many of the players, it will be the last homecoming game they play as SBA Cardinals. This bittersweet moment brought many feelings out to the field for both those watching in the stands, as well as those playing.

To many, this game meant the start of a great season, one in which they are excited for and anticipating. To others, like Nathan D’Souza and Matthew Begg, who are senior students “It brings sadness knowing that this is the last home opener they will be watching at St. Brother Andre as a student.” Many senior students found this game to be an awakening, realizing that this is yet another high school event they will not be able to repeat.

It was a good game; the Cardinals gave it their all. They kept fighting Huron Heights until the end, and didn’t give up hope, even though they knew they were going to face defeat. This will be an event that not only seniors, but many other SBA fans will remember. Keep flying high cardinals!


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