“What Happens in Muskoka Stays in Muskoka”

Gr. 12s singing at Muskoka

Listen to those 12s singing!

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“To sum up Muskoka Woods in one phrase I would say it was life-changing,” as Curtis Breen, gr. 12 leader put it at the end of the Muskoka mass. This annual three day trip was truly about building relationships and welcoming the grade nines into our close knit SBA family. In contrast to Curtis, when Adrian Ali, gr. 9 student was asked about his Muskoka Woods experience he answered with a subtle “pretty good”. After being asked about his favourite moment specifically he went on to say “what happens in Muskoka stays in Muskoka”. This only describes how much fun the grade nines had and even after some moments that one may consider embarrassing like almost tipping out of a canoe or singing super off key during karaoke, the memories we made here, even the silly ones, will last a life time! From archery to mountain biking, testing our team work skills at the low ropes and high ropes, zip lining and even tennis, we all got closer together as a family. These were only some of the many activities we had the opportunity to take part in. Of course no one can forget karaoke night and the grade nine girls belting it out to Taylor Swift’s “Love Story.” The dance was also an event to remember and not to mention the last day when all the grade twelves got together to sing “Lean On Me.” I think it was in that moment that we realized that this is our last year of high school and we have to make the most of it. For the grade nines, it was an example at how close you’ll all become over these next four years. Most of them admitted to being terrified of the gr. 12’s before starting high school and now, after just three days we can gladly say we’ve all became best friends with our cabin members. Remember, if you see your leaders in the halls don’t be afraid to say hello! Although we are all sad that it’s over, Muskoka woods was an incredible adventure that we will never forget.


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