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Photo Gallery From Mass Exodus 2014, Exclusively From The Orator

Lexy Benedict

Staff Writer

Do you have a love for fashion? If so, what better way to learn about the fashion industry than to go to a fashion show itself?

As many of you may know, one of the many courses that St. Brother André has to offer is the fashion course, which is available for grade 11 and 12 students to take. As part of the course, students have the option to participate in a class excursion to attend Mass Exodus, a fashion show presented by students of Ryerson University, who are in their final year of the fashion design program.

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On April 3rd , 2014 students journeyed downtown to attend Mass Exodus 2014. The fashion show certainly did not fail to impress the SBA students in attendance, as well as the hundreds of other attendees. It was a full house, with everyone attentively watching the phenomenal looks created by these aspiring designers. From spring to winter seasons, swimsuit to wedding dress occasions, and Chloe Alexander to Perlata Pica, the show was packed with excitement and variety.

The talent behind the curtains were clearly shown through the beautiful and creative designs displayed on the runway.

It is no doubt that this trip educates students on the real world of fashion, and gives them a glimpse of what their potential future careers could look like. This trip is one of the many things that these courses have to offer, and if it is something you are considering pursuing or even just interested in, it is the course for you! This trip allows students to witness the fashion world as well as see what the Ryerson fashion program has to offer. It’s definitely not to be missed.



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