Mass Exodus 2014

 St. Brother André Classes Get Fashionable With Ryerson University

Melissa Bennardo 

Staff Writer

Imagine waiting in anticipation to see hundreds of models showcasing different styles designed by students just like you!

Well, almost – they’re a little bit older.

Today, SBA’s fashion and Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) students had the opportunity to head south to Ryerson University in Toronto, ON, to attend a fashion show entitled “Mass Exodus,” which is widely known throughout the GTA.



The show is put on by Ryerson University students in their final year of the Fashion design program. The event has occurred annually for the last 25 years – however, the principle focus of this year’s show was innovation. 

…the principle focus of this year’s show was innovation.

The many different collections truly showcased the far-reaching talents of Canada’s young designers and all SBA students in attendance were thrilled to have experienced the show. A highlight of the show was the Pink Diamond collection, which included unique wedding gowns with lots of bling! The gowns were extravagant and eye-catching, and the simple accessories made the gowns stand out even more.

Many other collections included well-structured pieces with pops of colour that really added to the main concept of innovation. 

The grade eleven fashion students have just begun using the sewing machines for the first time, so they were able to appreciate all the hard work that went into making each piece. Mass Exodus 2014 was a truly amazing and inspirational show to watch, and a special thanks goes out to the Ryerson students who worked hard in preparation for the large-scale event.

Find Mass Exodus on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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