The Guru Girls Declassified School Survival Guide

Cassandra Sankaran & Lillian Galstanian
Former Students & Staff Writers

Article originally published December 2011

Is your social life nearly non- existent? Is the stress of completing deadlines over-bearing? There is no need for a theatrical meltdown! Just follow the guru girls personal tips, and you will be able to say “mission accomplished!”

Tip #1. Do not procrastinate!

Throughout high school, students tend to leave the completion of assignments to the last minute. This habit leads to the lethal ‘Dilly-dally syndrome’. Our treatment: be precise, be realistic, and be ON TIMe!

Tip #2. Get involved, seize the moment!

Being an active member of St. Brother Andre’s thriving school community by joining teams or clubs will allow you to meet new people, explore foreign activities, and change your perception on life!

Tip #3. Be organized!

Something as little as keeping your binder neat can greatly impact your overall learning process. With the correct tools and the motivation to succeed, you can achieve great things this year!

Tip #4. Take a breather!

A great deal of stress can be very harmful for teens – the solution? Take a break and relax! Take some time each day to focus your thoughts and relax your mind. A clear, focused, and relaxed mind will lead to less stress and more productivity in school!

Use these tips and your own personal survival methods to bring your four years of high school to its full potential. You never know; you may even learn a few things along the way!


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